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Christopher's Cleanse gives your digestive system a rest, while providing nourishment and detoxification for your tissues.

Not to mention better sleep patterns, high energy, clear eyes, healthy skin, the list goes on...

Cleansing each week can be a powerful way to pause, renew, restore and reconnect with how you really want feel.

Christopher’s Cleanse is raw (unpasteurized), cold-pressed juice made from the freshest fruits and vegetables.

We source the finest ingredients that are 100% Certified Organic and local whenever possible.

What’s in it for me?

This cleanse will gently rid your body of impurities, regain an alkaline balance and normalize digestion and metabolism. It will leave you feeling full of energy and light on your feet

How does the cleanse work?

You cleanse by drinking satisfying hand-pressed juice to nourish your body in the most simple, nutrient-dense way possible.

How long does the cleanse last?

We offer a one day, two day or three day cleanse.

How much does it cost?

$65 for a one day cleanse
$130 for a two day cleanse
$195 for a three day cleanse

*Prices do not include sales tax.

How many juices will I receive?

Each daily cleanse consists of five 12 oz. cold pressed juices, one 12 oz. nut milk, and one 2 oz. health tonic.

The ingredients.

We use a variety of organic produce including: kale, romaine, cucumber, spinach, parsley, cilantro, carrot, beet, apple, lemon, lime, etc.

How do I place my order?

Please call (561) 318-6191 choose option 1 or email us

We are just as excited as you are about this cleanse; however, we are limited in the amount of cleanses we can offer each week, so we encourage you to sign up quickly.

How do I get my cleanse?

All cleanses are available for pick up on Monday, Wednesday or Friday after 3pm from our CK JUICE MARKET next door to Organic Grill and Wine.

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